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Dive3 Studio is my teaching division. I believe in everyone using art for healing and self exploration. If you would like to discover your own inner artist, or are struggling with creative blocks, here are some workshops, free when you sign up for my newsletter below.

I also have videos on my youtube channel.

I am available for individual teaching, group classes, and collaboration with coaches and therapists looking for a unique way to serve clients. Please contact me for more information, I'd love to work with you!

Excerpt from free eBook.

Excerpt from free eBook.

7 Steps to Healing through the Expressive Arts

This eBook and guided visualization audio will introduce you to the expressive arts, a healing and spiritual approach to creativity. With practice, this approach can help you identify new direction in your life, clear blocks to fulfillment and growth, and rejuvenate your spirituality and sense of meaning.

This free eBook will walk you through a different approach to the arts, one that honors your voice, your experience, and helps you to create a safe environment where your unique way of making can flourish.

Intuitive drawing and watercolor.

Intuitive drawing and watercolor.

Body Love Workshop

Only if someone has her arms around the infant…
can the ‘I am” moment be endured or rather risked.

- D.W. Winnecott

Tired of beating yourself up because you don't like your body?  Aging, weight changes, health challenges...these all change our attitude towards our body, often to the point of outright hating it.  

This online workshop offers a spiritual approach to art making that focusing on re-claiming a love and appreciation for our bodies, just as they are. Using drawing and meditation, you will create a book of abstract imagery and words that celebrates your own unique beauty, as seen through the eyes of love.

This workshop uses beginning drawing, meditation, watercolor, writing and book making. Designed to fit into busy schedules! 

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