Dive 2 - Miss Lennox and Miss Jett

Pondering Patrick's feedback, and references to Ellen Gallagher and Kara Walker. I love Kara Walker, so creepy. And the idea of using something contemporary to the development of my identity (the 80s)  and playing with it, is intriguing.  

So the theme I am exploring is Authenticity/Conforming.  The idea of camouflage has come up, and also this nagging longing to BE SEEN and valued.  It would be so nice to be out, and for that to be a cool thing. Yay!  Lesbian Art teacher! How awesome! Instead I hide, I hide that part of myself.  I conform, I fit in. My lesbian identity is invisible at work, and out in the world. I do not represent.  I want to be seen.

I'm way out of my comfort zone, trying to make art out of cultural references. I've never done it, so it feels unnatural.  I looked for 80s and 90s pop culture, fashion, technology so see if anything grabbed me.   

I thought about models of femininity. Who was held up as role models for female gender? Who played with gender? Prince, Boy George, Joan Jett.  I remember that I was never into those teen beat type of magazines with the cute boys on the cover.  My friends and went through a Duran Duran phase. Each one of us had our favorite. Mine was Nick Rhodes. Everyone in the band wore make up, but Nick Rhodes was by far the prettiest. I remember feeling a little self conscious about this. Was it weird?

I played with placing gender bending 80s icons into a classroom setting.   Here is Miss Jett and Miss Lennox.