Dive 2 - Pre-dive reflection

The theme for the first stage of this dive is authenticity/conformity.  I will be using an expressive arts model for each stage of this dive, and that means a) it will be intermodal, b) the goal is healing and integration, c) I have no idea what will emerge and d) I need to get into the right mindset for this more intuitive approach by doing active imagination/meditation.

For the past year or so, I've been focused on doing movement as my first mode, followed by visual art, and ending with a written response.  I will do that for this first stage of the dive, because it is a familiar structure.  That means I am not going to allow myself to use it for the second or third stage, pushing me out of my comfort zone. 

One thing that feels tricky and strange is how to incorporate the theme into this intuitive process. I could set an intention, that whatever emerges from this process will help me to address ways I am authentic, and ways I lose that in order to conform. Where is it scary to be real? 

I could also let go of the theme, and then use the artwork that emerges to explore authenticity/conformity. 

I could do both. 

I will do both. 

and here we go.