Dive 1 - Visual Journal

I was apprehensive about responding artistically to the Pinterest Board collection.  The two websites I found that were about "how to dress like a teacher" were both created by white Christian women, and they bugged me.  So I decided to mock them. I read through one site in particular looking for quotes that felt like digs, for ways in which her entitled sense of knowing what is right and proper clashed with my sense of self.

It was cathartic to poke fun and highlight the attitudes and statements that seem to shut me out from a sense of belonging. 

I decided to try the "culture jamming" approach and to use the same format but twist things up to include a LGBT perspective. CITE


As I worked, I became aware that children growing up in conservative christian homes sometimes hve teachers that are liberal atheists. Sometimes, more often I would guess, children growing up in LGBT homes have teachers that are conservative christians. We teach each others children. There is a sort of intimacy in that. 

The very presence of someone who bends gender conformities triggers discomfort, triggers images, even the person is heterosexual (think Annie Lennox of the Eurythmics).  The non-conforming person is blamed for this.  A woman who dresses in a masculine manner may be dressed in a very "modest way," but because of the nonconformity, they are perceived as sexual.  An LGBT educator who looks or acts queer is inherently problematic to those who think LGBT individuals have no place in education. Their very demeanor and appearance is disruptive, even if their actual teaching practice is indistinguishable from other teachers.

The teacher who assumed the authority of knowing how a teacher should dress gets her sense of authority from her conformity to Christian values (her version of them anyway). She thinks she knows what God wants.  She is an authority then on how children should be raised and taught.   She thinks someone like me is going to go to hell.  She might "love the sinner and hate the sin" but she still believes that I will going to hell. 

The disrespect goes both ways. I think she is dangerous too. I think she will shame my children. I think the way she treats me and my children is the only negative about being LGBT.  I think she is stupid and ignorant as well, for her beliefs and self righteousness.