Exploring another symbol

Last week I explored a new symbol, the Fish Head Woman. I am not completely sure what that symbol is about, and I'm not forcing any meaning on it.

This week I explored a symbol that I've already been using in my art work, the Stag Woman.

I was really not feeling at all inspired, so I was delighted when I sat down to work, and a spontaneous change happened. I've been struggling with anxiety and overwhelm lately, and the Stag Woman, normally a symbol of strength and my masculine side, was instead falling over, bending over backward or dead.  Instead of antlers, twin trees, or roots.  It was cathartic.  As I write those words, the connection to my daily stresses is obvious, but as I was drawing it was just automatic. 

I was not happy with my art making process though. I couldn't find my favorite brush, and the ink colors weren't coming out the way I wanted. I kept messing up. Oh well. 

Here they are.