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1. Gather your supplies...

Supply list

  1. Paper (80# drawing paper or watercolor paper)
  2. Vine charcoal or pencil
  3. Crayons or pastels
  4. Watercolors
  5. A journal or something to write in  
  6. A 18" x 24" or larger board if you aren't working at a table. 
  7. Optional materials: any other art materials you enjoy working with!

2. Learn and Practice Blind Contour Drawing

3. Learn and Practice Memory Drawing

4. Download Body Love Meditation Audio

Body Love Drawing Meditation

5. Schedule time for sacred work

The next section requires your full attention. You will need about an hour of time that is private and uninterrupted. If you live with others, schedule a time when they can give you the space to do the meditation.  Unless of course they will be joining you!

When you have your supplies, have practiced both drawing techniques, have downloaded the audio AND have scheduled a time to work in peace, then you are ready for Part 2.