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A few words about you

Can we take a moment to honor you for the work you are about to do?  Most people are not willing to use the arts in this way.  To go on this adventure of self discovery and healing is very brave. Take a moment to smile and be proud for the gift you are giving yourself. Not only do you heal yourself, you will be healing a part of the world and human consciousness. This is important work.

Creating a Sacred Time and Space

I know I already talked about this, but please don't try to do this with kids running around, the T.V. blaring, and your significant other outside swearing in frustration about some household chore! This is sacred work.  

Honor yourself by asking to have your home to yourself for an hour or so. Make sure you have uninterrupted privacy for yourself and whoever is joining you.

Clear a work area, whether it is a table or the floor.  

Create a small altar with some candles, or sage. Take a moment to breath. 

A few notes about your drawings and the process of making them...

You may do the meditation for as long as you want, and may of course do it more than once. The meditation audio is about 20 minutes long.

In order to turn your drawing into the artist's book, you need one 18" x 24"  drawing. If you have more than one paper, you will have more options when it is time to turn it into a book. You may draw on both side of your paper.

While you are doing the meditation, don't be afraid of the edge of your paper. Try to use the entire paper. Sometimes people stay in the center, with all of their drawings on top of each other.  You might want this, or you might want your drawings more evenly distributed over the whole paper, back included.  

When choosing a pastel or crayon color, keep this is mind: if you use white, your drawings will be a secret until later.  This is good, as it allows you to relax into the meditation and not worry or fret over your drawings. You will see them magically appear later on. And it is magical!  You can use any color you want, but using white is recommended. 

Later, we will be doing a watercolor wash over your drawings.  If you draw lightly, your drawing might not show through the watercolor.  The more firmly you press down, the stronger your drawing will show through.  

The goal of this meditation is spiritual. Don't worry about doing the drawing right. Read what I wrote here, and then forget about it, and trust the process and results. 

Writing During and After

This meditation will bring up memories, thoughts, emotions.  You can write these directly on your drawing paper, or you may write them in a journal.  Do what feels the most natural for you.  Don't be afraid to stop drawing for a while if the stuff that is coming up needs to be written down.  There is no right or wrong! Whatever mode of expression feels right.  

When the meditation is done, in your journal, complete one or two of the following prompts: 

1. My body….

2. My body is like a….

3. I love…

Later, you may want to use what you wrote in the artist book you will be creating.   

A Few Words About Trauma

The beauty and power of the arts their ability to rapidly and deeply access our emotions and 'stuff'.  This is also what makes the arts dangerous and why a lot of people just stick with portraits and landscapes instead of using the arts to look inward.  

If you have experienced any trauma in the past, as I have, this process might bring it up, though it is not designed to. You know what you need, and please take of yourself.  For me, a good sob and sharing with a friend is sufficient, but there was a time when I needed the support of a therapist.  Know your limits. If you feel the edges of your trauma being triggered, note it, but you don't have to explore it now.  Be safe. 

Once you feel complete with the drawing meditation and the writing process, go to the next step.