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I accept this reality: This is my Body.

- David Richio

How are you feeling? Everyone has a different response to the meditation, and the mood you are in when you do it affects the outcome. 

The drawings you produced are the artifact of a conversation between you, your body and Source, whether you call that source God, or your Higher Self, or by any other name.  I hope you were able to feel a powerful, loving, accepting presence during the meditation, and to have the experience of being so absolutely loved for who and what you are, exactly as you are. You deserve that.

One definition of art, by the anthropologist Ellen Dissanayake, that it the process of "making special." The drawings are a treasure, a message, a teaching. In this next step we are going to make them special to honor their sacredness. 

Please always honor your own inspiration.  If you have an idea for how you would like to use your drawings and feel inspired, go for it, listen to that urge. You are not doing this for a grade.

What I am going to show you is a way to take your drawings and turn them into an artist book as a touchstone or reminder of the healing.  This is where the art comes in. This is not a craft project, and the instructions I am giving you are really only to get you past your resistance. I like artist's books because they are small, precious, easy to display or to store away if you want to keep it private. They have an intimacy to them that fits with the mediation you just experienced. 

Right now your drawings, especially if you used white pastel or crayon, are raw.  The next step is to interact with your drawings with watercolor.   

1. Revealing with Flowing Color

Put on some music you love, and get your water colors set up.  It is best to use a nice big soft brush and lots of watery paint. Use your favorite colors and color combinations. Enjoy the magic of the drawings being revealed. Play with color. No right or wrong.

Let your paintings dry. If you want to keep going to the next step, then you can blot off excess water (this will also add some texture) and use a hairdryer to speed up the drying process. 

2. How to Turn Your Paintings into a Book

3. Creative Possibilities for Your Book

What you do now is up to you.  Here are some possibilities:

  • You may simply enjoy the abstract nature of the book and leave it as it is
  • You can add more pastel and water color to each page, treating each page like a mini work of art, enhancing the lines and images that pop out to you
  • You can use your book as a background for writing or poetry. Look over what you wrote during the mediation.  Rewrite words into your book that seem especially meaningful or powerful to you
  • You can use collage, your own photos or any other art material to enhance the pages of your book
  • If you did this as part of an overall goal of improving your health and you need support for maintaining a healthy diet or exercise goal, you could find and copy inspirational quotes into your book and display it as a sort of vision board
  • You can treat each page individually, or use an entire side as one image that gets folded up