Recently, I participated in a 5 Day challenge online, designed to help artist tap into their most authentic art. It was facilitated by Jessica Serran, and I highly recommend you check out her website and course offerings.

The main thing I learned about myself is that darn it, I just really like to make art that feels very taboo. And as I dare to make and show this work, the response I get is positive and supportive. And I appreciate that, because it feels scary to put this work out there. 

Almost everything I want to make is so centered in my body, our bodies, in sexuality and intimacy. Self hatred, self love. Frigidity and passion. Love and disconnection. Lust and disgust.

There is always some reason for keeping my walls up. Shyness, inexperience, self loathing, judgement, growing older. And all of those reasons are the very reason I reach out and dare to try to connect with another.