Authenticity/Conforming: exploring identity

I'm doing arts-based research.  It was hard to start, lots of doubts. The first theme I am exploring is Authenticity/Conforming. I did an active imagination writing, and then played with some of the symbols that stuck out: a tree, a white bird, a glass sphere.

As I created the images, it was hard not to constantly, anxiously look for a nugget of meaning.  I tried to stay relaxed and not over analyze.  I noticed that the images were drifting towards patterns in nature, and I thought of camouflage. Some animals camouflage themselves, and some deliberately stand out to signal others. 

Is it more authentic for me to stand out? Or to blend in? I want to be seen, but not be endangered.  

Next week I explore the theme Belonging/Marginalization. Below, the sketches I talked about above.