Healing a pesky sub-personality

Sisters, let me tell ya, it has been QUITE the week here. 

I love summer break, don't get me wrong. But being home all the time forces me to deal with all the stuff I escaped by going to work.  

The grand experiment this week is to see what effect creativity has on my ability to deal. And what kind of effect. 

This week I experimented with the idea of sub-personalities. Those pesky parts of ourselves that are well meaning but sabotaging.  

Guided visualization is my favorite way of tapping into deeper wisdom.  But, just like dreams, they are not so interesting to share with others, so I will spare you. Instead I will invite you to download and use the guided visualization I created for you.

(if you are reading this as an email, you will have to click on the 'continue reading' link below to access the audio) 

Following the visualization, make some art. I used white crayon and water color, and then turned it into a little accordion book.

My goal was to create something lovely that related to the message received when I did the guided visualization. I wanted something to remind me of the message. I'm really happy with how it turned out. I even did some stitching on the edges. 

Oh...you want to see it?  

Then please join me in the private facebook group!  You can share your own work there too.  


See you there!