Poetry Therapy


I am at a training weekend for Expressive Arts Therapy.  We started with poetry. We were to come prepared with poetry (that we or others wrote).  I want to share the poetry of Heather Bourbeau, who I went to high school with. 


I have never really written poetry, and haven't done any creative writing for a while, so I was feeling neutral and apprehensive about it. I was also very spaced out and inarticulate, which as it turns out, was a very good state of mind to be in.

Our first prompt was to think of an object or a thing that we could write about that represents us: "I am..." Here is my poem:

I am the drop of ink
in the bottle
I wait to attach
to the nib or the brush.

through the bottle I watch
as my sisters slide onto paper
sinking deep
part of a word
part of a shape.

layered over other ink drops
I watch the paper dry
now a little wrinkled
now lines of pencil
a bath of watercolor
a cloud of chalk
I watch other drips bead and pop away
from pastel or wax.
I watch them all play on the paper
and I wait for my turn
to be part of my paper
to be my color
brilliant or muted
a part of beauty.

Well, I feel unsure about sharing it, but for a first poem, I was pretty happy. 

Do you write poetry? Care to share some?