Beyond the vision board


There are things that I really like and appreciate about collage, but its never been my favorite medium. I like it because it allows anyone to be creative. What I dislike is that the images in most magazines do not reflect my values. Everyone is perfect and skinny, organized, clean and shiny. I'm just not like that, and don't really want to be.


So I've never really been able to enjoy the process of making a vision board.  The last one I made, I used Picasa and images from the internet. The images work better, but importing a bunch of photos into Picasa is not exactly a satisfying creative activity.


The past few weeks I've been experimenting with using art to strengthen my recommitment to better health habits.  Today, I decided to follow my own workshop to make a little book (I ended up making two), and to use one of them as a sort of commitment book, similar to a vision board.


This workshop is very relaxing, a meditation really, one that helps you to see your body in a more loving light. It's free, and designed to fit into busy schedules. 

The video below is a quick preview of what is possible. What could you make? It's fun to play with line and color.