Experimenting and maybe looking ridiculous

So, this Saturday is the first ever online expressive arts gathering. I'm excited, and if you want to join us, it is free. December 7th, 2013 10-11:30 PST. We will have a follow up meeting the following Saturday to share and celebrate each other. If you can't make the first meeting, I will be posting a link to the prompts, so you can still join in.

Why attend? I have a few goals. One is to jumpstart our creativity in a non-judgmental atmosphere.  We have to be tender with ourselves when we start something new. We have to be even more tender and gentle when we start over. When our creativity has been on pause those critical voices have been practicing and gathering energy. They think they have a convincing case for why you should just give up. Expressive arts and support from others helps to break through that crud.

Another goal for this gathering is to use expressive arts as it is intended, which is to use the creative process to get fresh insight on something in your life. What will that something be? Our intuitive way of working will point us to what needs healing in a spontaneous way. I will be providing a framework...the magic is seeing how creativity opens you up. I love it!

Finally, I want to build a community, and events like this are one of the building blocks. There are very few places around the country that offer expressive arts in person, and even less doing anything online (in fact, I only know of one other person!). So this is a new thing, and very experimental.

Which, changing the subject, means that I'm facing a lot of fears and jumping in anyway. "Oh, expressive arts can't work online!  You need that in-person energy!" Maybe, maybe. This could be a total failure. But I'm betting that the strange intimacy we get in our online lives means that we can be open and daring in a way we might not be if we are in person.

Or maybe it will just be awkward and ridiculous! How fun!

If would like to join us, you need to contact me though my Google+ page https://plus.google.com/+Dive3studio. Leave a comment, follow, add me to a circle, it doesn't matter, just make contact, and I will send you an invitation.  This event will use Google Hangouts. Space is limited, so go now!  I can't wait to meet you online!